Line Maintenance

Maintenance of the sewer lines is essential in ensuring that waste water flows freely from our District to the South Valley Water Reclamation Facility for treatment. We use several processes to keep the lines clean and in good repair, to help minimize the damage that can be caused by broken or blocked lines.

Maintenance Truck
  1. Hydro-Jetting
  2. Manhole Access
  3. Root Cutter Video
  4. Televising
  5. Vacuuming
  6. Other Maintenance

Every year, usually beginning in March, we use a high pressure water system to flush the grit and debris out of our lines. We begin at the top of our District and, using a 2,000 p.s.i. water nozzle, we work our way down toward the treatment plant.

Starting at the manhole, we pull the cover and drop the nozzle into the line, feeding the hose down to the next manhole, approximately 350 to 400 feet away. Then we retrieve the nozzle and move to the next manhole and start the process again, cleaning every accessible line in the District. This process takes approximately seven months to complete, usually finished by October.