Property Liens

As a sewer utility company, Sandy Suburban Improvement District is prohibited from shutting off services due to non-payment of sewer fees. In order to provide recourse for recovering past due sewer fees, we have been granted authority by the State of Utah to place a tax lien on a property that is more than 2 months past due.

Lien Schedule

We lien two times per year, once in January and once in July. In January, any account balance due prior to November 1st will be subject to a lien. In July, any account balance due prior to May 1st will be subject to a lien.

Contact Information

Once a property is liened, the liened amount is removed from our account and becomes payable to the Salt Lake County Treasurer. If you have any questions regarding the liened amount, or to make a payment on the liened balance, please contact the Salt Lake County Treasurer's office at 801-468-3400.