Blue Stakes

Blue Stakes of Utah Utility Notification Center, Inc. (Blue Stakes) is the communications link between excavators, homeowners, and utility companies and provides a one-call center to contact to have underground utility lines located and marked before commencing excavation. This service is free of charge to excavators and homeowners and is funded by member utility companies. 

Blue Stakes actively supports the national "Dig Safely" campaign and encourages all excavators and homeowners to call before they dig, wait the required amount of time, respect the marks, and dig with care. Damage prevention is a shared responsibility between excavators, utility owners, locators, and the one-call center in avoiding personal injury, minimizing utility service interruptions and avoiding damage to property and equipment.

Blue Stakes Logo and Contact Information

Sandy Suburban Support Role

Sandy Suburban Improvement District is a member of Blue Stakes of Utah and supports the center by marking the District's lines and manholes with green paint in roadways and green flags in lots. The District does not mark sewer laterals. This information can be obtained by calling the district office 801-561-7662 and requesting a house sheet for your home or business.

Sandy Suburban Improvement District Advocates

  • Call two working days before you dig
  • Await the required time
  • Respect the marks
  • Excavate with care

Call before you dig! 811 or online at Blue Stakes (Salt Lake Metro area).