Renee P. Christensen

Renee P. Christensen

Renee P. Christensen


Term: January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2023


Lamont and Renee Christensen moved their young family to White City on the first day of summer in 1985. Their oldest son was set to start first grade. Lamont continued working hard to support his family through his employment with the Salt Lake County Sheriff's Department in the Corrections Division, while Renee was free to explore her options of community involvement.

Public Service

Renee became heavily involved in the education of her children. Service included being a room mother, serving as Chairperson of the Granite Headstart Program's Policy Committee, serving a term as Alta View Elementary PTA President and involvement with Eastmont's Community Council. For one year, the Christensen family had seven children in five schools of the Jordan School District. Life has always been interesting in the Christensen home.

Community Involvement

Renee began her serious community involvement in 1991, when she signed up to assist with the White City Water Issue within the community. This involvement led to petition drives, doing legal research and marshalling volunteers to assist with community fundraisers. On the technical end, Renee found herself reading legal briefs, sitting in City Council meetings, Public Service Commission Hearings and Supreme Court proceedings on numerous occasions. Renee's involvement in water issues also took her to the State Capitol to discuss topics with state officials, attend Committee Hearings and Interim Study Committee meetings as well. This led Renee to making a run for a House of Representatives seat in 1992. Running for Public Office is a unique experience. This allowed Renee to develop unique skills of listening and learning from a potential constituent base of voters. Although this election was not to be hers, the lessons learned were immeasurably valuable.

Within their community, both Renee and Lamont have each run and served terms (at different times) on the White City Community Council. In 1998, Renee also became involved with the community when a Jordan High School student was hit by a car on the first day of school that year. Renee was asked by members of the community to facilitate finding solutions. She spear-headed communications with Community Leaders, Jordan School District, Sandy City, Salt Lake County and UDOT to begin solving traffic issues on 700 East. Hazardous bussing was reinstated for the high school students of the area, A traffic study was completed showing the need for a controlling light at Carnation Drive and Safe Sidewalks Monies were requested to improve general conditions for pedestrians along 700 East between 9800 and 10600 South. Later, in 2002, Renee was asked to be a citizen member of the 700 East Expansion Project. As a member of the Public Advisory Committee, Renee worked with others to draft and outline the entire project from 9800 to 12300 South.

Career Work

As their youngest son entered kindergarten, Renee entered the work force by taking on a variety of part-time jobs. Over the years, Renee has worked with the Newspaper Agency Corporation, Jordan School District, White City Water Improvement District, Hurley Trucking and Canyons School District. These jobs carried a wide variety of responsibilities. Currently, Lamont is retired from the Sheriff's office and Renee now works full-time for the Canyons School District Transportation Department as a bus driver for students to five of the district's schools. Renee has also carried a wide variety of responsibilities, through the years, within the religious organization her family participates with.

Trustee History

In the summer of 2007, Renee was asked by members of her neighborhood to run for a position on the Board of Trustees of the Sandy Suburban Improvement District. That election cycle of the District saw seven candidates running for two seats on the Board. Being no stranger on how to run for an office, Renee worked hard to cover sections of the district personally and ask for votes. The effort was successful. Renee gained one of the positions, thus beginning another chapter full of adventure in her life. There were budgets to review, policies to set, trainings to attend and employees to appreciate. The sewer business is one where success is often measured by being unnoticed. Renee feels that being unnoticed should not translate to being unappreciated. She has a deep appreciation for the employees of the district and shows it.

For the year 2010, Renee will serve as Chair for the Board of Trustees. She continues to work diligently with the other Board Members and the Administrative staff of Sandy Suburban. The Christensen family now consists of three married sons (four grandchildren), three unmarried sons (one attending Jordan High), and two daughters (one attending Southern Utah University).